About Us

Who We Are

Muller Suzuki is a division of Muller Toyota, which has been family owned and operated for over 30 years. We previously owned Muller Chevrolet and Hyundai, which we sold; however, we were able to retain our best employees and knowledge of our used business to start our new store. It's a unique one-stop shop for quality inexpensive used cars, SUVs, and trucks, as well as new Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs.

Our inventory is comprised of hand-selected vehicles we buy from all over the country, as well as new car trades from our main store. Every car is safety checked and detailed before it hits the lot, so there is no need for guessing on your used car purchase. We also specialize in diesel trucks (Power Strokes, Duramax, and Cummins) and Subaru WRXs, whether it's purchasing one or getting aftermarket accessories in our full-time shop.

We have a friendly, no-pressure staff who will aid you from start to finish in whatever you may want or need. We are looking forward to seeing you! If you have any questions or are in the market to buy a new automobile, contact us today at Muller Suzuki.